Membership of a consortium means that, for Driver CPC, you are not required to pay centre or course approval costs. For your initial start up this could cost £2760 if you wanted to be able to offer 35 hours.

We charge £500 per year membership, this is for centres providing only Driver CPC or for those also providing ADR training. We also only charge £5 per 7 hour upload (ex DVSA upload fee £8.75)

Our course materials are regularly updated and checked for compliance. All of the materials are produced to be both candidate and instructor friendly. We also provide free printable course manuals for the Driver CPC courses and free member CPD training days.

We also provide an annual group meeting, which all members are invited to and have an equal say in the running of the consortium. This makes us a consortium that is led by its members. You can join this consortium and maintain the freedom of an independent provider, with the support and back up of one of the largest consortiums in the country.

As well as Driver CPC we can also offer consortium membership for ADR Dangerous Goods, as we are one of only two approved ADR consortia in the UK. This includes ADR instructor training.

We now also provide 'Specialist Courses'. These are additional courses that our members can commercially provide to their clients. Currently these include Emergency First Aid at Work and Fire Marshal Courses.

Please see the 'Specialist Courses' page for more details


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Membership Includes:

Driver CPC Courses

ADR Courses (including 1 & 7) see ADR page

Petroleum Driver Passport

Dangerous Goods Safety Adviser

Specialist Courses:

       Emergency Aid at Work

       Fire Marshal 

       Level 3 Driver Hours

Tel: 0151 363 2501 - E mail: info@nltc.co.uk  info@nltc.co.uk

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